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life is an adventureembrace the journeyThe sterling silver Journey - Adventure Day One pendant is 1.20" x .90" in size. The Journey - Adventure Day One design is the creation of Rickey and Patrice (PJ) Jackson. You can purchase the Journey pendant on a beaded necklace here: https://www./shop/krobinsdesigns?section_id=14645205&ref=shopsection_leftnav_1The pendant symbolizes a journey beginning with a circle. Out of the circle, at 7:00, a branch appears with 7 leaves. The 7 leaves represent 7 stages of healing (Adventure Day One Survival Guide-see below) - Rickey's personal story of healing from an aggressive form of cancer - AML Leukemia. Through this design and their passion to educate and care for others with AML Leukemia, Rickey and PJ have chosen to share their experience of how their family journeyed through Rickey's treatment. Their story reflects courage and hope in the face of death and shows others that it is all about attitude. This design was created in wax in our studio and is now available in sterling silver. Rickey titled his journey \u2018Adventure Day One\u2019.A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.We encourage you to read more about Rickey's journey, as well as others, at his blog, or become a fan on Facebook - keyword "Adventure Day One". Adventure Day One Survival Guide Life Strategies One: Positive Attitude- you are in control of your attitude, make it a positive oneTwo: Embrace the moment- make a memory, for you may never pass this way againThree: Stop and take notice- pay attention to those around you, for we are all connectedFour: Believe in someone or something- don't give up on your faithFive: Leave your mark- you may only get one chance, make it countSix: True character shows in adverse times- be of strong characterSeven: Make a difference- one day at a timeLife is an Adventure.....Embrace the Journey!All designs are hand carved in wax and cast in sterling silver. Each silver pendant comes on a black card with the name and symbolic meaning of the pendant along with a 30\u201d black satin cord so that it can immediately be worn as a necklace. Please explore my website to learn more about my process and projects.SACRED SYMBOLS COLLECTION Silver Symbolic Pendants & Jewelry by K Robins Designs:All Seeing Eye, Ancient Cross, Awareness, Balance Large, Balance Small, Compassion, Crescents, Equality, Eternity, Flame, Flaming Chalice, Flora, Friendship Knot Large, Friendship Knot Small, Gratitude, Hamsa, Infinite Love, Journey - Adventure Day One, Joy, Labyrinth (Classic), Loving Kindness, Melchizedek, Mermaid, Milagro, Ouroboros, Peace Dove, Peace Kanji, Peace Prayer, Radiance Large, Radiance Small (Lauren's Amulet from Lost Girl), Raven, Salaam Shalom, Shou Butterfly, Solidarity, Spira Mirabilis, Spiral Dance One, Spiral Dance Two, Spiral Heart, Tao, Third Eye, Tree of Life, Trigram Turtle, Utchat, Vessel, Vortex, Wave and World Triad.SACRED SYMBOLS COLLECTION by K Robins: https://www./shop/krobinsdesigns?section_id=14452034MY ETSY STOREhttps://www./shop/krobinsdesigns?ref=si_shopMY FACEBOOK PAGE, symbolic jewelry

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