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emerald, Light Green Emerald Beaded Necklace with Gold Plated 925 Silver Clasp



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REDUCED from \u00a374.99 to \u00a364.99.Beautiful light green opaque emeralds in a round polished shape; graduated in size. They are a gorgeous pale green with hints of turquoise, with streaks of dark green. In between each round emerald bead are 10 links of gold plated 925 silver round link chain. The lobster claw clasp is also 925 Sterling silver plated with 9 carat gold.This necklace is just over 35 inches long (64cm). The emerald beads are graduated in size from 6mm to 10mm rounds. The pinwires through the beads have carefully-sized links to match the size of the chain links. The jump rings opposite the clasp are sized fairly large so that the clasp can easily hook into them, but the long necklace length means that you can just throw it over your head without bothering to undo the clasp. Care of your necklace: Please note: emerald is not as hard as other gemstones. Do not drop the necklace onto a hard, un-carpeted surface. Clean with a slightly damp cloth. No soap or harsh chemicals should be used on gold plated silver. The gold plating will protect the silver if it was accidentally worn in the sea or in the bath on a few occasions, but not too often. The sea can dull the polished surface of a round gemstone. In the case of accidental breakage of chain or loss of beads - all my jewellery is guaranteed for free repairs for up to a year, if replacement stones can be found. You only pay postage cost for such work to be done.Emerald is said to be good for the heart via the Heart Chakra. It is reputed to have a soothing, healing energy; and can help friendships and love partnerships to flourish. This is why it is often set as a central stone in engagement rings., vermeil

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