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2 boards of temporary tattoos in the black and white style!Each of the boards measuring 11cm x 8cmYou can find on these boards 4 tattoos representing skulls, one with a rose and a butterfly and the other with triangles !Find all our temporary tattoos on the shop: ----------------------------------How long does a tattoo?Holding tattoos depends on the area you apply it. An area with daily and frequent frictions, tattooing takes less time. On average, tattoos are 2 to 5 days depending on the area. The water, rubbing, perspiration, not may scratch your tattoo. The paper used for printing tattoos is of excellent quality and enables a long held without deterioration.How to apply the tattoo?1 - The skin should be clean (no oil, makeup, etc.). Choose an area of hairless body.2 - Remove the protective transparent sheet of the tattoo. Without touching the adhesive area.3 - Place the tattoo on the area to be tattooed, pattern facing the skin.4 - Put a wet cloth or sponge on the back of the tattoo and soak the water evenly. (Make sure that the entire tattoo is soaked)5 - Wait about 20 seconds by pressing lightly and gently remove the wet sheet.6 - Allow the area to air., small tattoo

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