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To celebrate the re-release of Bethesda's multi-award-winning RPG game Skyrim in high definition, Routwear is releasing a whole inventory full of loot for you Dovahkin to purchase with your hard-won gold! As huge fans of the game ourselves, we hope you get a feeling of authenticity and genuine passion from the amulets and rings we have crafted and that you get the urge to *TAKE ALL* when you peruse the contents of this chest. This is it, the complete collection from our Skyrim line! Every pendant, ring and the mighty shield amulet all at a massively discounted price. With over $200 value going for $150, if you are, or you know, a true Skyrim fan (or nerd like us) then this is the ultimate gift! The Collection includes the following:-Amulet of Skyrim-Amulet of Skyrim and Dovahzul-Amulet of Fire Breath-Amulet of Frost Breath-Amulet of Fus Ro Dah-Amulet of Paarthurnax-Amulet of Skyrim Shield-Amulet of Dovahzul Raido-Amulet of Dovahzul ROUT-Amulet of Dovahkin Dovahzul-Amulet o Dragonstone-Amulet of the Dark Brotherhood-Ring of Dovahzul Raido-Rings of the Thieves Guild collectionMade from clay and painted with our patented stone-finish in storm grey, the amulet comes with a necklace of your choice from the following options:- Black Rubber (VEGAN FRIENDLY!!!)- Brown Suede- Plain Black Leather- Plaited Black Leather, jewelry

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