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Octopussea creature, Octo Necklace Handcrafted in Sterling Silver from our Mystic Creature linesea creature, Tentaclessea creature, Multi Tasker



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Handmade sterling silver octopus necklace. Vastly mobile, this complex creature offers an expansive world of knowledge, insight, and experience. The octopus will enhance your creativity and adaptability in a realm of constant motion. It is considered by many scientists to be, pound for pound, the most intelligent animal on earth.The extraordinary intelligence of the octopus is recognized by many cultures around the world. the intelligence of the octopus is most assuredly imparted to your being if you are drawn to the octopus in the first place. Begin your own personal journey to tap into the secret knowledge this amazing creature provides. The energy of the octopus, it is believed, will help you pass tests, gain new knowledge, and the wisdom to live your life to the fullest.As you slip into the energetic realm of the octopus, the more secrets she will offer up to your consciousness \u2014 give the gift of intelligence to yourself or a loved one, multi tasker

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