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hat pin, Royston Turquoise Skull and Moon Stamped Pin



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This interesting little Royston turquoise shield/tombstone shaped cab features perfectly in this old wild west-y, ghost town-ish \u201chat pin\u201d...or tie tac...if anyone ever goes back to work in an office again \ud83d\udc54 And, it would certainly feel right at home on a denim jacket.This unique Royston turquoise cabachon is set on a handstamped 20g Sterling silver backplate. The pin back has been glued on with a super strong, one pin I made went through the washer and dryer several times and didn't budge. The pin comes with a traditional clutch and a rubber one. The pin measures 1.5" tall x 1" wide.*** This item includes FREE USPS Priority Shipping ***, skull

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